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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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your side. >> good morning, washington. it's tuesday, june 14. i am greta kreuz. >> i am scott thuman. we begin with traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. we will check with lisa baden. first, a meteorologist adam caskey. everyone is smiling. >> another great day. we will start off with a lot of sunshine. late in afternoon and evening added cloud cover. don't be surprised if you get a few raindrops later on today. a very pleasant day again. 20% chance of rain. 61 degrees in bowie, 60 in gaithersburg and in the district. 62 in alexandria. a comfortable start to the day. low humidity this afternoon high temperatures near 80 degrees. a few isolated sprinkle possible this afternoon and evening mainly north and east of d.c. a perfect wednesday with
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sunshine. cranking up the heat and humidity towards the end of the week. has the latest. breaking news for commuters on central avenue. 214 westbound, police got a call about something hit by a vehicle. central avenue inside the beltway at trinity road is closed as a document this overnight accident. you are watching a video. police are still on the scene of this accident. central avenue cannot a good option right now inside the beltway heading towards fedex field and beyond into east capital street. the beltway is good all the way around. i love this camera. this is the beltway near the wilson bridge and the exit for national harbor. it's quiet on the beltway in virginia and it's good on 66
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eastbound through falls church and westbound near glebe road there is lingering road work. back to you. >> thank you. following a developing story this morning from arlington. a driver is in custody after a suspicious package was found inside a car. state police in virginia tell us the crosstalk on the ramp from 395 south to washington boulevard at 8:30 last night. the trooper found the package and a gun. the bomb squad disrupted if the package. it did not contain explosives. the driver is expected to face charges. two man under arrest for murder that shocked arlington neighborhood. >> police and not said what led to the crime carl diener was found dead along the 3200 block of north 13th street just days after christmas in 2009. courtney robinson is at arlington police headquarters with more on how investigators closed the book on a potential cold case. >> good morning.
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this special community when they heard about his death -- this shoockk the community. last night in a community meaning they reiterated the fact that this was a random attack. this morning two men are behind bars, are listed in connection with the stabbing deaths of carl diener 18 months ago. >> when he died the community was up sad and a lot of people will be relieved that the suspects have been caught. >> this was in the clarendon area. it's an area where murder is like this really happened. >> evidence in the case led to the suspect. >> on december 29, 2009 early in the morning he was walking to work. 20-year-old roger clark iii and
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javon martin attacked him. they will ultimately face murder charges. >> we want to know why. it is senseless. >> for many in the community and for his friends, they thought this was a murder case gone cold. now it is heating up again. they are asking for more information. both suspects will be extradited to arlington. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. new this morning we're learning more about the man accused of murdering american university professor sue marcum at her home in bethesda. the washington post reports or hail undoubles has been taunting police from his new home in mexico jorge landeros. he was the beneficiary of the woman's life insurance policy,
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but denies that he killed the woman. gop presidential hopefuls face of last night in new hampshire. seven potential candidates shared the stage. now details on the big night from john hendren. >> this was the first high- stakes debate. it was a big announcement, a big retreat, and a big agreement to focus all the tax on just one candidate. they took aim at the one rival not there. >> any one of the people on the state would be a better president than president obama. >> his way failed. >> this president has failed. >> tea party favorite michelle bachmann made the first deadline the seat of the paperwork to become the presidential candidate just yesterday. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty backed off criticizing mitt romney for the health care
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plan that he signed into law when governor of massachusetts. mitt romney attacked the health care plan of president obama that he supposedly inspired. one candidate who is likely to join the race in the coming weeks is former utah governor jon huntsman who was also president obama's ambassador to china. john hendren abc news, back to you. president obama is joining fellow democrats in calling for new york congressman anthony weiner to resign in the wake of the sexting scandal. the president called his actions highly inappropriate. he said "if it was me, i would resign." mr. obama is preparing to make the first visit by a sitting president to puerto rico in nearly half a century. police are looking for personal killed the nephew of maryland congressman elijah cummings. 20-year-old christopher cummings
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was fatally shot in his off- campus apartment. he was a criminal justice major at old dominion. he was planning to become a lawyer. his funeral is this saturday. there will be another public hearing on plans to raise tolls in maryland. tonight's hearing is that high point high school in beltsville. the maryland transportation authority wants to double those at the bay bridge and raise the toll that the other bridges roads, and tunnels. theits needed to maintain the aging roads and bridges. 62 degrees. >> cashing in on your summer travel. wait until you hear how much fly tourists spend in baggage fees in the past year. >> first a taste of early spring. after a weak of late summer. how long this will last. >> a look at some of the hot topics on
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we will be right bac
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beautiful start to this tuesday morning. i am overlooking the district.
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sunrise at 5:42. it's going to be a beautiful sunrise, kind of like yesterday. it will feel like yesterday as well. we are in the 50's to near 60. 60 downtown, 60with lower humidity. low humidity tomorrow as well. a lot of sunshine today, if high temperatures near 80 degrees. there will be a brief sprinkled later this afternoon and evening mainly northeast of the metro area. perfect on wednesday with upper 70's typica. i have traffic moving nicely, on 395. a minor crash northbound at king street has been moved. moving nicely is 270 at democracy. o problem out of ashburn,
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leesburg. looks good in sterling. in centreville along 28 is normal. door to washington parkway north of reagan national is very quiet. -- the george washington parkway. 61 degrees. >> coming up, facebook influx. why the social network is -- by the millions. >> airline fees are not host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: do dogs chase cats? ♪ 70's music ♪ sfx: squealing tires.
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welcome back. checking our top stories, the people have been arrested in connection with the murder of an arlington fitness center employee of a year-and-a-half ago. 20-year-old roger clark iii and 24-year-old javon martin killed
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57-year-old in december, 2009. his death was a random act. 7 republican presidential candidates took shots at president obama during their first debate in new hampshire last night. they attacked the president's record on economy and health care and they said they would be a better president. the u.s. and its web site is under review after a hacker got into a server on the weekend. the senate sergeant at arms is no information was compromised and the volatility problems persist. , and security department is investigating. -- the homeland security department. the federal motor carrier safety administration says it does not have to pull over and buses for random inspections right now and is asking the
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federal government for such authority. this comes after some deadly crashes this year. there's sticker shock lately. fliers are forking over billions in baggage and other fees. airlines say they are here to stay. jummy olabanji is live at reagan national with a look at the numbers. >> good morning. last year along the airline companies charged passengers $5.7 billion in extra fees. that is a 24% increase in just one year. some airline industry analysts say that if not for those fees the airline industry would probably be losing big and would require a government bailout. of those nearly $6 billion in fees collected last year, $3.4 billion came from baggage fees. if $3.2 billion came from passengers who paid to change their reservations. airlines making the most out of
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all the u.s. carriers is delta air lines collecting $950 million in baggages fees last year. if you are getting ready to travel this summer, get ready to pay. you will continue to pay extra fees for check luggage ordering your ticket over the phone changing a non-refundable ticket. and on some airlines you will pay for choosing your seat. other airlines may be increasing fees and they might make it more expensive for you to check your baggage, the longer your flight is and they may at fees for how late you purchase your tickets. jummy olabanji, abc 7. authorities are trying to find out how secure uniforms for reagan national airport turned up in some bushes in arlington. they were found sunday night outside the car pool bar. porta-potty is concerned about a potential security risk but it says the uniform alone does not
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grant a person access to secure areas at the airport. facebook influx, kyle popularity keeps growing in some parts of the world and others seem to be losing interest -- how popularity keeps growing in some parts. >> the ipad 3 could be coming later this year. a taiwan newspaper reports a release in the fourth quarter and says pitt could have image resolution five times higher than the ipad 2. other web sites say that next year is more likely. alice is haunted by the death of her parents in this video game sequel. but it is not suitable for kids. >> it's not overly violent or bloody, but it's not for children. it is a much more serious and take on the allosaurs.
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it is dark and moody and can be a little scary. there's a lot of humor in the game. >> it hits store shelves today and is available for the xbox 360 and playstation 3. time to see how this tuesday looks so far. >> i am loving it. >> there's no reason not to. what we had yesterday was spectacular. it was perfection by june standards. mr. day was great. we will have-- yesterday was great. we have a 20% to 30% chance of a brief sprinkle mainly north and east of the district. otherwise, today will be fantastic. it will be another beautiful and comfortable day. there's a look at the bay early this morning. sunrise at 5:42.
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65 in the district, 67 in annapolis along the water. culpeper unpleasant start at 57 degrees, 63 in lexington park. dew points around 60 degrees. the arrows are alan evan north to give you the wind direction. a northerly wind is keeping the humidity at bay. we will have an increase in the humidity by thursday. it will not be oppressive. thursday into the weekend you will notice the humidity back in airports. -- the air. some of the cloud cover over new england will dips outward increasing the afternoon clouds for us a little. it could cause a few sprinkles like what we have been parts of new york. -- in parts of new york.
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low humidity today. a perfect wednesday tomorrow with bright sunshine, highs in the a 70's the and low humidity. thursday morning and evening will have a few scattered showers. cranking up the heat and humidity by the end of the week and the weekend. for the latest. traffic on 66 coming out of rosslyn to falls church, looking for road work at glebe road, a traffic stay to the left with no delays. headlights are headed toward us out of falls church to get to the roosevelt bridge and beyond to 110. the ramp from 395 spat king street there was an accident earlier, but there's no sign of it now. 270 at falls road is looking quiet. back to you. 61 degrees. >> coming up the nationals
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welcome back a friendly face. who will be manning a hot corner again. >> today on "oprah," iyanla vanzant, what really happened between oprah and her resident expert.
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game 6 of the stanley cup
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finals taking place in boston. boston has not been kind to vancouver goalie roberto luongo. he was pulled. they could never recover. >> a decisive game 7 will be played in vancouver tomorrow. >> tim brant has the rest of sports. wouldwood and two others are in focus. he said yesterday this is the toughest major of them all. >> it is the test of all the majors. you just have to be very patient and not give any shots away unnecessarily. >> the cardinals will play the
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nationals tonight. brian zimmerman will be back since he was out with an abdominal injury. but he's ready. there's a lot happening in washington. have a great day. 5:26, 61 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead, the latest move from the washington redskins might have nothing to do with the draft pick. we will explain why a whole team could be packing up. >> seven republican presidential candidates were in the same room, but they did not attack one another. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. sunshine with low humidity yesterday cannot last forever
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> we want to know why. it was senseless but still butwhy? >> more questions than answers after arlington police make a pair of breasts in a seemingly random cold case murder. good morning, washington. it is tuesday, june 14. i am scott thuman. >> i am greta kreuz.
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thanks for joining us. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. a gorgeous evening last night. i eighth outside and had the windows open. >> what a difference it makes to have the windows open, mentally and psychologically. you can do that again today and tomorrow. thursday and friday the humidity will increase a little, but it will not be oppressive. typical weather for june. 65 in the district right now 57 in gaithersburg, bealeton, virginia at 55. added afternoon clients will move in from new england. we cannot rule out an isolated sprinkle later on today, mainly north and east of the district. a perfect wednesday high temperatures around 80 degrees with low humidity. you will notice the humidity by thursday. looks beautiful town the
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beltway and interstate travel is good. this is near the ikea, route 1 at college park. quiet on the greenway, and the toll road. looks good on 81 and route 11. 66 and 95 starting to make the morning march on flag day. >> part of central avenue in capitol heights is shut down while police investigated democrats. a moped with two passengers was hit by a car around 1:30 this morning. one person died at the scene. can call the other is hospitalized in serious condition. as part of central will be closed for a few hours. and arlington county neighborhood has a sense of relief but still more questions after police announce a period of arrests in a high-profile murder. >> carl diener was found dead in the 3200 block of north 13th
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street after christmas in 2009. now police know who did expect. -- did it. >> they have a two man behind bars who will ultimately be brought to arlington where they will be charged with murder. we understand that there are so many questions in all this. the questions began the day that his body was found on december 29 2009 in the clarendon neighborhood in arlington. that happened december 29, 2009. he was walking to work at a local health club when 20-year- old roger clark iii, of severn maryland, and 24-year-old javon martin, of d.c. attacked him, stabbing and killing him. detectives are tight-lipped about the investigation, only saying that evidence pointed to the two men.
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this was a random attack. people worried that this murder case had gone cold. he was very well known in the community. now there's a sense of closure. courtney robinson reporting from arlington, abc 7 news. republican presidential contenders took center stage last night. seven potential candidates took part in one of the first debates of the primary season. they spent plenty of time attacking president obama's record on healthcare and the economy. john hendren has details. >> 7 republicans face each other, but there fire was aimed at the one candidate is not in the room. >> any one of the people on this stage would be a better president than obama. >> his way failed. >> this president has failed. >> tea party favorite michelle bachmann made the first
5:34 am
deadline. , filed today by paperwork to seek the office of the presidency. >> former minnesota governor tim pawlenty was far less aggressive with former massachusetts governor mitt romney standing at his side. >> it was a reflection of the president's comments that he designed obamacare on the massachusetts health care plan. >> mitt romney attacked the plan that he supposedly inspired. >> if i'm president, i will repeal obamacare. >> the difference between his universal health-care plan and the president owes it is something he will likely have to explain again and again. one candidate who is likely to enter in the coming weeks is jon huntsman. a former utah governor and president obama's former ambassador to china. while republicans attacked him in new hampshire, president obama went to north carolina to find ways to boost hiring. he announced a public-private
5:35 am
program returned thousands of new engineers out every year. today he will make the first trip by a sitting president to puerto rico since john f. kennedy in 1961. embattled new york congressman and demeanor is facing even more pressure this morning to resign. president obama has joined fellow democrats in the in suggesting that he leave office. he tells nbc news that his actions were "highly inappropriate." he said "if it was me, i would resign." he has taken a leave of absence from the house while he gets treatment. red line passengers are open for smoother trip to court. yesterday morning about threats at the rockville metro station shut down service and forced a massive evacuation. police arrested a 51-year-old woman who made false claims. he was making threats when she boarded the train. no explosives were found. it is not clear if charges will
5:36 am
be filed. looking to the day ahead you will have a chance to meet montgomery county's in coming school superintendent. that's 7:00 tonight for dr. joshua starr. the event will take place in the cafeteria, of richard montgomery high school in rockville. a similar event will take place tomorrow night at montgomery blair high school in silver spring. police across the region will spend a morning cracking down on hov lanes violators. officers will look for solo drivers in hov lanes on interstate 66, 95, 395 and 270 as well as the dulles toll road and rte. 50. $90 fines in maryland and approved a $1,000 fine in virginia for repeat offenders eventually. 61 degrees outside 5:36.
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>> the redskins, why the team could be packing its bags. >> first another check on traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will be right back.
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i am at marriott global headquarters. we are on our way out to serve
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our community today with hundreds of our associates. we would like to say -- >> good morning, washington. a gorgeous start on this tuesday. we had perfect conditions today. today is an extension of that. a refreshing wind out of the north, a low dew points near 50. right around sunrise in the district you see the monument in the background. total sunshine this morning. there will be added cloud cover this afternoon and evening. pleasant temperatures. 59 in frederick winchester at 56. huntingtown that at 54. comfortably cool. we will be in the upper 70's today and tomorrow. by the end of the week and weekend we will turn up the heat and humidity. maybe a brief sprinkle north and east of the metro later this afternoon and evening.
5:41 am
otherwise, a pleasant day. thursday is our best chance of rain in the morning and another round in the afternoon. more on the extended forecast is coming up. we will talk about the beltway, moving nicely. interstate travel good even though the volume is increasing. 66 in manassas and 95 out of stanford. 95 northbound and southbound between washington and baltimore is quiet. westbound 215 at ridge road, accident documentation is complete. this is a live picture of traffic across the wilson bridge. a beautiful morning. back to you. >> thank you. 5:41, 61 degrees. >> a close call for toward spelling how she crossed her car into a school-- crashed. >> airlines made billions starting you to fly with extra
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welcome back. checking our top stories on this tuesday morning, police have arrested the men who murdered at arlington fitness center employee more than a year ago. 20-year-old roger clark iii, of severn, maryland, and 24-year- old javon martin, of d.c. they killed 57-year-old carl diener. his family and friends still don't know why he died. some republicans wanting to take on president obama gathered for their first debate in an amateur last night. seven participants attacked president obama's record on the economy, health care, and other issues. prosecutors may be close to wrapping up their case against casey anthony. yesterday a fiber and hair expert testified that a strand of hair found in the trunk of her car maker of fallen from her daughter's head when her body was moved. on capitol hill, lawmakers
5:46 am
will take a closer look today at threats against the u.s. real system. the head of the transportation security administration will talk about threats to real security when he testifies before the senate commerce committee. amtrak's police chief is also expected to testify at today's hearing. don't airline passengers, there is a sticker shock lately. fliers are forking over billions in baggage and other fees. the airlines say they are here to stay. jummy olabanji is on your side at reagan national this morning with a look at the numbers. it is a real moneymaker. >> absolutely. last year the airline companies made nearly $6 billion charging extra fees to fly. this morning they say that those extra fees are not going anywhere. for the airlines, those extra fees have paid off. of the nearly $6 billion in fees collected last year, up $3.4
5:47 am
billion came from baggage fees. dew point $3 billion came from passengers who changed their reservations. a 24% increase in one year. >> i think it should be one simple price and that would-be it. the and bonds are annoying. >> some industry analysts say the airlines would likely be losing big it's not for the fees. >> airlines are already losing money, so they would be deeper in the whole and would probably require a bailout otherwise. >> if the airlines are making more money than ever. no bailout is in sight for the more than 200 million of us who will be paying to fly this summer. airlines based in the u.s. are making the most money in all of these fees. delta is number one. that agency made more than $950 million last year in just starting people to check their
5:48 am
luggage. reporting live, jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. d.c. council committee will likely hear no more testimony in its program of vincent gray's hiring practices. wanted to question his campaign aide howard brooks and his son payton books. boats invoked their fifth amendment right against self- incrimination. the washington redskins already claim is the discounted but could the team moved their headquarters there. there's a feasibility study on that now to look in the impact of moving from ashburn to boeing. officials are offering the team and unused piece of land near bowie state university. >> interesting. i have never gone to see them practice. >> i do get to see the caps. but i have never made it to ashburn.
5:49 am
>> the weather is perfect for practicing today. >> we also have the u.s. open going on at the country club. lucky to have it during this week and not last week. i'm sure they will prepare for the heat and humidity, but they were lucky. perfect outside. let's start with a look at the bay, a gorgeous start. there will be a difference in the cloud cover from yesterday. added clouds and maybe a brief sprinkle northeast of the metro. a 20%-30% chance later on today. i don't want that chance of rain to overshadow another pleasant day. there's a look at congressional country club this morning. it's the 18th fairway on the left side of the screen. a lot of sunshine to start. a little added cloud cover which is not a bad thing. 57 in manassas, 55 in
5:50 am
winchester. dew points around 50. it feels good. open up the windows again. get that fresh air circulating right away. near 80 this afternoon. the wind is still out of the north and northwest. still have a northerly component. that's why the humidity is being kept at bay. the wind will shift around on thursday. that is when you will notice increased humidity. clear skies right now. we have clouds in new england that will dip south and move over disaster noon and evening and some weeks hours over new york could pay us a visit especially north and east of d.c. this afternoon and evening. otherwise, a pleasant day with highs in the upper 70's. the same story tomorrow with sunshine. thursday is the best chance of rain with high temperatures in a low 80's with morning and evening showers. a couple maps.
5:51 am
route 4, route 5, 228210, they are good. marty out of bowie into cheverly is starting to build in volume. 95/b-w parkway is quiet. 270 as normal volume from fredericton montgomery county. 270 near 28 looks good. 66 and 95, a typical delays forming in manassas and fair oaks. 95 in woodbrige as well. going towards the delaware memorial bridge, northbound 95 is closed after the aberdeen exit. two tractor-trailers' involved in a crash. they will have to off load fuel. if your intention is to head up there, 40/pulaski highway is your option. let's check on business headlines. >> cali carlin joins us from new york with a look at the day
5:52 am
ahead. >> good morning. stock futures right now are looking up indicating we will start today's trading session with green arrows. bank of america is one stock to watch, the government accusing the bank of impeding investigation into foreclosure practices. some analysts say that the bank may face tens of billions of dollars more in housing losses. how about a free data plan on t- mobile for father's steps? it's a one-day only saturday you can qualify for new talks and text data plan. it's only available for new or existing customers with 18% of their contract left or more. -- 18% of their contract or less. men may be ignoring symptoms of health conditions because they
5:53 am
are reluctant to visit the doctor. kaiser permanente iis holding a free health care summit this weekend outside d.c. armory this saturday. "real men get checked." cracks i do go for my annual checkup. i am a real man. -- 61 degrees. >> you are watching "good morning washington." we will be right
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time to chat. a close call for actress tori spelling. she was in a car accident because he was being chased by paparazzi. to crest until all at her children's school in tarzan, california. no one was injured. she posted on twitter that she was going to the doctor to make sure that her unborn baby is ok. we hope that it is. we are going to talk about the original lead singer of the coasters. colorado gardnearl gardner has died.
5:57 am
♪ take out the papers and the trash ♪ >> he was the last surviving member that group. his wife says he died sunday night in hospice care in florida. he was suffering from alzheimer's disease and congestive heart failure. he was 83 years old. >> 83. >> it is one of those songs that everybody knows. >> all those old groups keep coming back. there's probably going to be a cover band. a lot more to come in the second hour or. >> a unique show of support for d.c.
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5:59 am
investigators say that they have solved a murder mystery in arlington. what they are saying about the dubbed the suspects now behind bars. >> gop presidential hopefuls face off and take on president obama. >> extra fees for


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